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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tragedy ! Father , wife and two daughters found dead in their house in the UK

Bradford house deaths: Latest updates as bodies of man, woman and two teenage girls are found Oct 28, 2014 20:25 By Anthony Bond, Steve Robson Police launch investigation after grim discovery in village of Clayton, Yorkshire, last night Refresh automatically ON | OFF 8:25 pm As police investigate whether dad-of-two Jitendra murdered his wife and children before killing himself, a close friend has expressed shock at the possibility he could do such a terrible thing. Shop manager Niraj Patel, 49, said: "I won't believe it. He was a very happy, easy-going chap, always a smile on his face, they were a lovely family. I'm totally shocked. You'd never believe he would have an ounce of violence in him." 7:25 pm As darkness fell tonight, a single police officer stood guard outside the family home. Police tape surrounded the whole property. Neighbours had earlier witnessed the distressing sight of one of the bodies being removed from the house. 6:34 pm Picture shows wife and two daughters This is another picture to emerge showing the Lad family. In this image, daughter Trisha, 19, can be seen on the left. Her 16-year-old sister Nisha is fourth right and their mother Daksha 44, can be seen far right. Enterprise News and PicturesTrisha, Nisha and Daksha LadPicture shows (L-R) Trisha, 19, hersister Nisha, 16, (fourth right) their mother Daksha Ladd, 44, (far right) 6:12 pm New picture of family This is a new picture of the Lad family. It shows, left to right, mum Daksha, daugher Trisha, unnamed man (centre), daughter Nisha and father Jitendra. As we reported earlier, police are investigating the possibility that Jitendra murdered his wife and daughters before killing himself. SWNSThe Lad family from BradfordPictured left to right are mum Daksha, daugher Trisha, unnamed man (centre), daughter Nisha and father Jitendra 5:13 pm Trisha was 'sweet and kind' More tributes have been paid to 19-year-old student Trisha. Friend Steph Mapplebeck said: "Trisha Lad was one of the sweetest and kindest people I have met whilst studying at Leeds. "What a heartbreaking loss. Rest in peace." 5:06 pm Father 'murdered his wife and two daughters' It is now believed that Jitendra murdered his wife and two teenage daughters before killing himself. Police launched a murder investigation earlier but said they are not looking for anyone else in relation the deaths. Friends described the Lads as a "lovely couple" and "well respected". 4:55 pm Trisha was a 'lovely, well-liked person' Clearly, Trisha was extremely popular among staff and students at the University of Leeds. Melissa Taylor, who is president of the Faculty of Biological Sciences Society, said: "Heartbreaking to hear about the death of Trisha Lad. "Such a lovely, well-liked person. Rest In Peace." 4:33 pm University of Leeds confirms Trisha was a student The University of Leeds has now confirmed that Trisha attended the university. She was in her second year of a biochemistry degree. Writing on Twitter, the university said: "We wish to express our sadness at the death of student Trisha Lad. "Counselling and chaplaincy staff are supporting those affected." Speaking to ITV, a spokesman added: "This is dreadful and shocking news and our thoughts are with Trisha's friends and loved ones. "Staff are working with the University's counselling and chaplaincy services to help students who are affected by this tragedy and we will do all we can to support them." 4:10 pm West Yorkshire Police have now corrected the age of Nisha Lad. Detectives have now confirmed she is 16 rather than 17, as previously thought. 3:46 pm Body removed from house It's difficult to imagine how distressing this is for neighbours of the family. There were upsetting scenes this afternoon when one of the bodies was removed from the house. It was taken away in a private ambulance at around 2pm . 3:38 pm Shop manager Niraj Patel, 49, said he was an old school friend of Jitendra Lad and knew him well. "I've known him all my life he was a childhood friend. He worked in IT in Britannia House, Bradford Council. "The last time I saw him was a few months ago when he have me a lift home, that was the last time I saw him. "He was a very happy, easy-going chap, always a smile on his face, they were a lovely family. "I'm totally shocked." 2:57 pm 'Well-manner and well-respected' Both Trisha and Nisha Lad are thought to have attended Thornton Grammar School in Bradford. A page on the school's website listing its 2013 university entrants shows Trisha Lad went to the University of Leeds to study medical biochemistry. Neighbour Barry Hawkins said: "I used to say hello to the mum and dad and I used to see the daughter go to school. I've seen them grow up. "I've delivered papers up here for 20 years so I know everybody. "They were a lovely couple and the kids were lovely. Well mannered. They were well respected. "I've know them for 10 years. It's bad but it'll pull us all together." 2:48 pm 'Relatives were concerned' It's worth just looking at what DS Atkinson says in his statement a little more closely. He indicates police were called by both neighbours and relatives of the Lad family, who were "concerned". They went into the property and found the four bodies. How awful for them to have discovered such a scene. DS Atkins said: "At approximately 8.30pm last night, West Yorkshire Police were contacted by concerned relatives and neighbours of the property. "As a result of those calls, we now know that neighbours and family went into the property where they discovered four bodies. "The ambulance services attended along with the police, and sadly the four bodies were pronounced dead and an investigation commenced. "From what I know at the moment, I'm not looking for anyone else in connection with these four bodies. "We will await the results of tests from forensic examinations which are ongoing. "Naturally, we've got specially-trained officers with the family who are naturally devastated by what's happened. "And we're working through a very slow and painstaking process in order to establish what's happened and get them some answers. "In due course, a report will be submitted to Her Majesty's Coroner." 2:05 pm 'Family want answers' Here's a video of Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson from West Yorkshire Police giving more information at the scene of the tragedy. He revealed that neighbours discovered the bodies of the family inside the home after growing concerned. They called police and ambulance services but the four were declared dead at the scene. DS Atkinson said the family of the deceased are "understandably devastated" and he hopes to provide them with some answers as to what happened. 1:48 pm 'Shocked and saddened' Chris Sampson, Headteacher of Thornton Grammar School, has issued a statement speaking of the shock felt by everyone at the school. He said: "We are deeply shocked and saddened by these tragic deaths. "Our thoughts are with the family’s relatives and friends. "We will be helping the police with their enquiry in any way we can." 1:38 pm FacebookJitendra LadJitendra Lad Jitendra Lad, 49, appears to have been a well-known member of the Clayton community. He worked for Bradford city council at one time and was chairperson of the Thornton Grammar School, where both his daughters attended. According to his Facebook profile, Mr Lad was also a keen member of a local diving club. 1:16 pm PAChief Inspector Damien Miller speaks to the media during a press conference at the scene in the Clayton area of BradfordReassurance: Chief Inspector Damien Miller says officers will be speaking to local people Chief Inspector Damien Miller, who leads neighbourhood policing across the Bradford district, said: "Clayton is a close-knit community and I understand that local people will be understandably upset by what has taken place and I would like to reassure people that there is no wider danger to members of the public. "Additional neighbourhood officers are in the area speaking to people and offering reassurance." 1:12 pm 'Lovely, genuine girls' More tributes are starting to filter through following the tragic news this morning. Friend of the girls Jessica Lythgow has tweeted of her shock. She describes Nisha and Trish as "lovely and genuine". 12:56 pm Bradford community "in shock" over family deaths Coun David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said: "Local people are shocked and saddened by the news of this terrible event and our sympathy goes out to the wider family, friends and neighbours of this family. "The husband and wife of the family, Jitendra Lad and Duksha Lad, both worked for Bradford Council and councillors and employees are very upset after hearing the dreadful news of their deaths. "Obviously, it would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage as the investigation into how it happened is continuing, but we would urge anyone who may have any information about this tragedy to contact the police immediately." 12:48 pm Trisha was "so lovely" says friend Jessica Garside - a friend of Trisha - said: "She was so lovely. She always had a bright smile on her face. "She was always happy." She said: "Even when I saw her round school she would always smile and say hello and check I'm all right. I think that was the general gist of the family." Miss Garside said she thought Trisha left school last year and went to Leeds University. "She was really good at science," she said. "I feel numb at the moment. I don't feel like it's happened. I still feel like I'm going to go to the bus stop one day and she'll be stood there smiling as ever. it's heartbreaking to know she won't be. It's just horrible." She added: "She'll be missed dearly. I see pictures on Facebook of her going out in her uni life and she looks happy and now we don't know what's happened to her. I just hope there's a god out there looking after her." 12:44 pm PATrisha (left), 19, and Nisha, 17, Lad who were found dead in a house in Clayton, BradfordTrisha (left), 19, and Nisha, 17, Lad who were found dead in a house in Clayton, Bradford Here's a picture of Trisha, left, and Nisha, right, which has been released by West Yorkshire Police. Police would not comment on reports suggesting they may have been killed by their father before he took his own life. Det Sup Simon Atkinson said he was keeping an "open mind" as to what happened. 12:22 pm Police not looking for anyone else The possibility of a murder-suicide now appears to be the focus of this police investigation. Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, from West Yorkshire Police, said: "This is clearly a significant incident and our investigation will be thorough as we piece together the events that have led to the deaths of a local family. "The investigation is at an early stage, and while I do not want to speculate around the circumstances leading to the deaths, I am happy to confirm that we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident." Damien Miller, Superintendent Operations of Bradford District, who leads neighbourhood policing across the Bradford District, said: "Clayton is a close knit community and I understand that local people will be understandably upset by what has taken place and I would like to reassure people there is no wider danger to members of the public. "Additional neighbourhood officers are in the area speaking to people and offering reassurance." 12:17 pm Murder investigation - 'family not seen for some time' We have an update from West Yorkshire Police. The force is now treating this case as a murder investgation. Officers were called last night by a neighbour who had grown concerned because the family had not been seen for "some time". In the property, police found the bodies of 49-year-old Jatindra Lad, his wife Duksha Lad, 44, and their two daughters Trisha Lad ,19, and Nisha Lad, 17. Police said early indications suggest the bodies may have been in the property for some time. Post mortem exams will be carried out to establish the cause of the deaths. 12:13 pm Simon Ashton / Daily MirrorUpset: Thornton Grammar school students attend the scene to lay flowers and respect to the family A group of tearful teenagers has come down to the house to leave flowers and cards. They were extremely upset and hugged each other as they stood at the police cordon. We understand they were fellow pupils from nearby Thornton Grammar School where both Nisha and Trisha attended. 12:06 pm First picture of tragic family Facebook This is the first picture of the tragic family found dead in Bradford. They have been named locally as the Lads. Father Jitendra Lad, 49, his wife Daksha, 44, and daughters Trisha, 19 and Nisha, 17, were found in the property. 11:47 am Forensic team arrives Simon Ashton / Daily MirrorA Police Forensic team enter the house in Blackberry Way in Clayton, Bradford, where 4 people have diedTragic: A man, woman and two teenage girls were found dead in the home A forensic team of police officers has arrived at the scene and entered the house in Clayton. Applegarth, a cul-de-sac off Blackberry Way, has now been closed off. This is to allow police access to the house through the back garden. 11:18 am Simon Ashton / Daily MirrorResidents in Clayton lay flowersTribute: Residents in Clayton lay flowers Visibly upset residents came and left flowers and sympathy cards outside the family home earlier. We understand West Yorkshire Police will issue an updated statement on the events in Clayton at around midday. We're also expecting to hear from Bradford council shortly. We understand the family involved were very well known in the area and this tragedy will no doubt cause considerable distress. Both girls were former pupils of Thornton Grammar School, it is believed. The school is just about three miles from the scene of the tragedy. 11:03 am 'So sad' Flowers and cards are being left outside the home this morning. One card, left by a Blackberry Way neighbour, reads simply "So sad". The BBC's Tracy Gee tweets this picture. Flowers laid at the scene of 4 deaths at a property on Blackberry Way #Bradford "So Sad" reads one. @BBCLeeds — Tracy Gee (@newsgirlTracyG) October 28, 2014 10:36 am 'Indian family who were celebrating Diwali this weekend' The Bradford Telegraph & Argus is also down at the scene. The paper is reporting that neighbours described the family as being of "Indian origin". They were said to have been celebrating the festival of Diwali over the weekend. The parents are in their 40s and two daughters in their late teens. 9:54 am Ben LackThe scene at a house in Bradford where the bodies of a man and woman and two children have been discovered by policeProbe: A policeman stands outside the scene of the tragedy this morning Here's a new picture of the scene on Blackberry Way. To reiterate, police say they discovered the bodies of a man, woman and two teenage girls in the home at around 8.30pm last night. We understand a family-of-four is known to live in this house. 9:52 am Lorna Leeming, who sits on Clayton Parish Council, said: "It's a very quiet and peaceful village and a good community. "I don't know what has happened or what has gone on." 9:41 am The BBC's Tracy Gee is now down at the scene in Clayton. She's just tweeted this picture of a police car outside what we believe is the home where the four bodies were found. It's a well-kept, detached house on Blackberry Way. All the curtains are closed and there's a cordon around the front of the property. Police outside a property on Blackbury Way, Clayton #Bradford where the bodies of 4 people were discovered. @BBCLeeds — Tracy Gee (@newsgirlTracyG) October 28, 2014 9:27 am GoogleScene: Police were called to the this street in Clayton last night It is understood the house where the four bodies were found is on Blackberry Way in Clayton. Police have yet to confirm the exact location but the Mirror understands this is the correct address. It is a quiet, suburban street filled with semi-detached houses. 8:42 am Police are investigating the deaths of four people in Bradford. Officers were called to the house in the Clayton area of the city last night at 8.30pm. They found the bodies of a man, a woman and two teenage girls. West Yorkshire Police said: "Enquiries are at a very early stage, but police are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with the enquiry. "Police have sealed off the area while forensic investigations take place and this is expected to take some time. "We are not currently in a position to release further details, but hope to be able to give a further update later this morning." Stay here for all the latest updates on the tragedy.