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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Read how this 6 old was shot dead after going to the shops with her dad to buy bubblegum

Oct 20, 2014 21:02 By Alex Wellman Little Angel Cooper was with her dad and another friend when she was struck by a bullet as she left the 7-Eleven store in Kansas CIty on Friday night Killed: Angel Hooper was hit by a bullet as she came out of the shop having bought a pack of bubblegum A 6-year-old girl was shot dead by a drive-by killer as she went to the shops to buy a pack of bubblegum. Tragic Angel Hooper was shot and killed as she left a 7-Eleven store in Kansas City on Friday night. The youngster had gone to the store with her dad Booker just after 7pm having been on a jog with her father and a friend. As she left the store having bought a pack of bubblegum, a car drove up and fired several bullets into a crowded car park outside, one of which hit little Angel. Emergency crews raced her to a nearby hospital, but tragically the young girl passed away. Speaking to local new channel, Angel’s mother Charity Guinn made a direct plea to the killers, asking them to turn themselves in. She said: “She was a sweet little girl and she didn’t deserve this at all. “I just want anybody who knows anything to speak up because it’s not fair, I did not deserve to lose my daughter.” “Whoever did this, if you are out there, just please step forward. “I don’t know if you have children, or have loved ones, but this is hard. I wouldn’t want anyone in my shoes right now.” @kcpolice / TwitterAngel HooperShot: Angel was a loving girl who liked to hug her friends Despite shock in the community over the senseless killing, Kansas City Police have revealed they have received just one tip since an investigation was opened. Officers have said that they do not believe Angel was the intended victim, but have pledged to bring her killers to justice. A shrine to the young girl has sprung up at the location where she was shot, with teddies, balloons and cards laid there in her memory. The family has also launched an online campaign to help pay for their lost daughter’s funeral. It has so far raised £2,700 out of a total of £6,200.